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As experienced leaders in advanced composite manufacturing, we know the industry. We know to the highest standards what works and what doesn’t. Our unique capabilities to interface / co-mold carbon fiber with conventional materials are what our partners value and trust.


  • Partnerships in Product Development & Manufacturing
  • Engineering Design
  • Development
  • Implementation
  • CE mark product certifications
  • Registered FDA Manufacturing
  • ISO 13485 Compliance
  • Stress and Finite Element Analysis
  • 3D Printing – Rapid Prototyping


We take concepts through design, development, refinement, and shopped to end-users.  And we understand the complex nature of navigating a customer’s needs while helping them understand the possibilities of a solution that could revolutionize their own industry.


  • Fully Integrated CAD/CAM/CIM
  • Composite Fabrication
  • Turnkey production of complex systems and assemblies
  • CNC mills and lathes for production
  • tooling and prototypes
  • Complex Structural Design
  • Mold and Tool Design
  • Mold and Tool Fabrication
  • Assembly
  • Full Quality Management Systems


Our customer experience-focused approach is built around collaboration, flexibility, and a technological strength to guide customers to innovation. Through this journey, our knowledge, expertise, and leveraged partnerships enable us to bring some of the most state-of-the-art carbon fiber solutions to the marketplace.

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