CMI was established in 1985 in San Clemente, California for the express purpose of exploiting the companies unique and proprietary advanced composite technology. CMI has extensive experience in the machining of complex geometries and holding tight tolerances in a variety of conventional and exotic materials including: advanced composites, thermoset and thermoplastics, advanced structural ceramics, titanium and steel. CMI has automated manufacturing processes, mold design expertise, and rapid prototyping capabilities.

    Since its inception, CMI has directed its development and manufacturing efforts toward the medical market with emphasis on the surgical arena. Today CMI is the primary surgical table accessory supplier for the world's largest surgical support company and is currently developing numerous patient positioning products for distribution through this company. Additionally, CMI designs and manufactures intraoperative neurosurgical accessories and surgical disposables that are distributed through independent representation. In addition to the medical market, CMI has developed several products for the automotive, marine and aerospace industries.

    Currently CMI is increasing research, engineering and manufacturing capabilities to better support customers. CMI's increased capacity will also support plans to develop a line of products for internal distribution. CMI intends to:  Distribute internally developed products through several avenues including internet, telemarketing, direct mail, and independent representation. While CMI plans to broaden distribution capabilities, the primary focus of CMI is the continued support of oem customers through expanded development, engineering and manufacturing capacity.

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